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What Does “HMU” Mean, and How Do You Use It?

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HMU is a well-liked web abbreviation. You’ll see it utilized in many on-line conditions. Right here’s what it means, and the way you employ it.

What It Means

HMU is the abbreviation for “hit me up.” It’s a fast technique to inform somebody to contact you or make plans sooner or later. For instance, you may say to a good friend, “HMU if you need to play Mario Kart,” or, “HMU if you get again on the town.” Typically, HMU is utilized in social or casual enterprise circles.

Some individuals additionally use HMU to convey that somebody requested them for one thing, corresponding to, “He HMU asking for cash,” or, “She HMU for a date.” This utilization aligns with the definition of “hit up,” which is frequent real-world slang for somebody asking you for one thing.

It’s price mentioning that “hit up” also can imply you need to go to a sure place. For instance, you and your folks may “hit up” the Dealer Joe’s. After all, this utilization doesn’t have an abbreviation, so again to the subject at hand.

The Historical past of HMU

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The phrase “hit me up” is inseparable from ‘90s hip-hop tradition. Throughout that decade, many individuals (not simply drug sellers) used one-way pagers to speak with each other. “Talk” in all probability isn’t the proper phrase, although, as these gadgets couldn’t obtain text-based messages. As a substitute, they obtained telephone numbers. Somebody would name (“beep”) your pager from his telephone. Your pager would gentle up, make an audible “beep,” and the telephone quantity that paged you would seem on the display screen so you possibly can name the individual again.

“Hit up” grew out of the very particular guidelines of paging. Rappers used the phrase in lots of of standard songs, and it began to have quite a lot of meanings. Now, the phrase is intently related to cellphones, that are, arguably, the fashionable model of pagers.

The historical past of our little abbreviation, HMU, isn’t almost as fascinating as all that. See, it type of got here out of nowhere. HMU first appeared on City Dictionary in 2009 and completely exploded into reputation by the top of 2010.

In response to Fb’s 2010 Memology report, HMU went from being a rarity to the largest development of the 12 months. For reference, the abbreviation wasn’t even talked about within the 2009 Memology report.

In response to Google Developments, searches for HMU peaked in 2010 and leveled out after a few 12 months. This doesn’t essentially imply the phrase is much less standard than it was, although. If something, HMU’s definition might be being regarded up much less as a result of it’s now so generally used, most individuals know what it means.

How Do I Use HMU?

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Once more, HMU is the abbreviation for “hit me up.” It’s straightforward to make use of and shall be understood by most individuals. So, merely use HMU everytime you imply to say “hit me up.”

You possibly can say, “HMU if you get residence,” or, “HMU if you need to hang around.” Once more, it’s a simple abbreviation, so that you don’t have to fret about any bizarre grammar or something.

If you wish to describe a state of affairs wherein a good friend or acquaintance messaged you out of the blue, you possibly can say, “He HMU simply final week,” or, “They HMU asking for a trip.”

As with different casual web abbreviations, individuals don’t at all times capitalize HMU. You may see it in lowercase (hmu), as effectively.

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