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Unique Board Game-Like Dungeon Crawler ‘Undervault’ Arrives on iOS this Friday

Board games on the App Store? They’re a dime a dozen. Roguelike dungeon crawlers? They’re literally shooting out of my ears. But a roguelike dungeon crawler that utilizes board game mechanics? That’s something I haven’t come across before. And that’s the premise behind a game called Undervault from developer Angry Kid. It originally launched on desktopand Android a couple of years ago, and though it’s pretty under the radar, the fans it has managed to pick up seem to really enjoy its eclectic mix of mechanics. And now iOS owners will be able to experience it for themselves, as Undervault is set to arrive on the iOS App Store this Friday the 13th. Spooky! Here’s a recent trailer so you can see what it’s all about.

What’s unique about Undervault is that you have some level of control of how the actual layout of the dungeon unfolds as you try to ultimately make your escape. As one Android user put it in their review on the Google Play Store, “A simple, luck based, turn based permadeath rpg with unique room generation mechanics. Scratches the itch perfectly!” Interestingly Angry Kid is currently trying to raise the funds needed to do sort of an HD remake of Undervault called Ludopolis, which you can check out on Steam here. There’s definitely a quaintness to the visuals in Undervault and with a solid mechanical foundation I could see a “prettier” version getting a lot of attention. For now though I’m just interested in checking out the original, and if you also like the look of Undervault then you can pre-order it on the App Store right now for $2.99 and check it out when it hits this Friday.

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