The Ulysses Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet for Mac

The Ulysses Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet for Mac

Ulysses is no doubt one in every of the very best distraction-free Markdown editors in your Mac. You need to use it to handle every kind of writing tasks in a streamlined method.

As you’d count on from a robust, versatile app like Ulysses, there are many keyboard shortcuts to hurry up navigation and different app-related actions. And when you can uncover the shortcuts as you go about utilizing the app, it’s a lot simpler to have them able to go in a single location.

That’s why we’ve give you this cheat sheet, which it can save you to your desktop for fast entry. It comprises all of the keyboard shortcuts it is advisable to handle numerous views, panels, and modes in Ulysses and swap between them effortlessly. You’ll additionally discover a number of shortcuts for textual content enhancing.

With all these shortcuts at your fingertips, you most likely gained’t must take your palms off the keyboard in any respect if you write in Ulysses!

FREE DOWNLOAD: This cheat sheet is obtainable as a downloadable PDF from our distribution companion, TradePub. You’ll have to full a brief type to entry it for the primary time solely. Obtain The Ulysses Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet for Mac.

The Ulysses Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet for Mac

Sheets, Teams, and Views
Cmd + NCreate new sheet
Shift + Cmd + NCreate new group
Management + Cmd + NCreate new filter
Choice + Cmd + NOpen new window
Cmd + TOpen new tab
Cmd + OPresent Fast Open panel to open from Library
Shift + Cmd + OPresent Fast Open panel to open from present group
Choice + Cmd + OPresent Fast Open panel to open from present choice
¹Cmd + Return (Enter)Reveal chosen sheet in group
Management + TabSwap to subsequent tab
Shift + Management + TabSwap to earlier tab
Cmd + DAdd sheet to Favorites OR
Take away sheet from Favorites
Cmd + SSave present model of sheet and create new model
Cmd + JGlue chosen sheets
Shift + Cmd + BCut up sheet at choice
²Shift + Cmd + POpen Export preview for chosen sheet/group
³Cmd + RRefresh preview window
Area OR
Proper Arrow
Soar to subsequent web page in preview
Shift + Area OR
Left Arrow
Soar to earlier web page in preview
Down ArrowScroll down in preview
Up ArrowScroll up in preview
Cmd + PPrint present sheet
Cmd + DeleteTransfer sheet to Trash
⁴Option + Cmd + DeleteErase sheet
Cmd + WShut present tab
Shift + Cmd + WShut present window
⁵Shift + Cmd + OkayOpen panel to connect key phrase(s) to chose sheet
Cmd + , (Comma)Open Ulysses Preferences
⁶Cmd + 1Swap focus to Library OR
Toggle Library view
⁶Cmd + 2Swap focus to Sheets OR
Toggle Sheet Listing view
⁶Cmd + 3Swap focus to Editor OR
Swap to Editor Solely view
Cmd + 4Toggle Attachments view
⁷Cmd + 5Swap to Favorites group
Cmd + 6Present Fast Export panel
Cmd + 7Present Statistics panel
Cmd + 8Present Navigation panel
Cmd + 9Present Markup panel
Cmd + FPresent Discover panel
Choice + Cmd + FPresent Discover and Exchange panel
⁸Cmd + ESeek for choice
Cmd + GDiscover subsequent match in search outcomes
Shift + Cmd + GDiscover earlier match in search outcomes
⁹Shift + Cmd + FPresent Sheet Listing search field
¹⁰EscDisguise Discover panel OR
Disguise Discover and Exchange panel OR
Disguise Sheet Listing search panel
Management + Cmd + AreaOpen Emoji & Symbols panel or Character Viewer
Choice + Cmd + XToggle Darkish Theme
Choice + Cmd + LToggle Darkish Mode
Choice + Cmd + TToggle Typewriter Mode
Management + Cmd + FToggle Full Display screen Mode
Cmd + MReduce Window
Management + Cmd + ZZoom Window
Choice + Cmd + 3¹¹Toggle second editor in Cut up View
Choice + ScrollScroll concurrently in each editors in Cut up View
Cmd + Left ArrowSwap focus from Sheet Listing to Library
Cmd + Proper ArrowSwap focus from Library to Sheet Listing OR
Swap focus from Sheet Listing to Editor
Proper ArrowOpen chosen group in Library
Choice + Cmd + Up ArrowChoose earlier sheet
Choice + Cmd + Down ArrowChoose subsequent sheet
Choice + Cmd + Proper ArrowTransfer by way of panes from left to proper
Choice + Cmd + Left ArrowTransfer by way of panes from proper to left
Cmd + DragPressure copy sheet/group
Choice + DragPressure transfer sheet/group
Textual content Modifying
Cmd + (Again Slash)Enhance heading degree
Shift + Cmd + (Again Slash)Lower heading degree
Cmd + Left ArrowSoar to begin of line
Cmd + Proper ArrowSoar to finish of line
Cmd + Up ArrowSoar to begin of sheet
Cmd + Down ArrowSoar to finish of sheet
Choice + Left ArrowSoar to earlier phrase
Choice + Proper ArrowSoar to subsequent phrase
Choice + Up ArrowSoar to begin of paragraph
Choice + Down ArrowSoar to finish of paragraph
Management + Cmd + Up ArrowTransfer present/chosen line up
Management + Cmd + Down ArrowTransfer present/chosen line down
Choice + DeleteDelete present phrase
Cmd + DeleteDelete present line
Cmd + BEmphasize following/chosen textual content
Cmd + IItalicize following/chosen textual content
Cmd + OkayCreate hyperlink
Cmd + LTake away markup for present line or for chosen textual content
TabEnhance indentation
Shift + TabLower indentation
(Again Slash) [text]Don’t apply markup to following textual content
Cmd + ZUndo typing
Shift + Cmd + ZRedo typing
Cmd + XLower chosen textual content
Cmd + CCopy chosen textual content
Cmd + VPaste chosen textual content
Cmd + AChoose all textual content in Editor
Choice + Cmd + CCopy chosen textual content as Markdown
Choice + Cmd + VPaste from Markdown
Choice + Shift + Cmd + VPaste as Plain Textual content
(img)Open panel to insert picture
(fn)Open panel to insert footnote
Cmd + + (Plus)Enhance zoom
Cmd + – (Minus)Lower zoom
Cmd + 0Revert to default zoom
Cmd + ; (Semicolon)Spellcheck doc
Shift + Cmd + ; (Semicolon)Present Spelling and Grammar panel

¹Use in Fast Open panel.

²Preview window exhibits PDF by default. Choose related export format from dropdown menu in title bar for corresponding preview.

³Shortcut is obtainable solely when preview window is open.

⁴Shortcut deletes sheet instantly with out sending it to Trash.

⁵If focus is in Sheet Listing, popover panel seems and if focus is in Editor, sidebar panel seems.

⁶Shortcut cycles by way of out there actions when used a number of occasions.

⁷Favorites group seems in Library solely when there are a number of favorited sheets.

⁸Use shortcut after opening Discover panel or Discover and Exchange panel.

⁹Search seems to be for key phrases in Sheet Listing and Editor.

¹⁰Shortcut works solely when panel is in focus.

¹¹Refers to Cut up View in Ulysses and never system-wide Cut up View possibility on macOS. Nonetheless, shortcut works with each choices.

Shortcuts for Ulysses on iPad and iPhone

Ulysses is a pleasure to make use of, and extra so when you transition to a smoother workflow utilizing our shortcuts cheat sheet.

You may even use a few of these shortcuts within the Ulysses app on iPhone and iPad. To find the very best of them, maintain down the Cmd key on the keyboard linked to your cellular gadget.

And keep in mind, Ulysses is among the premium Mac apps that make a Setapp subscription worthwhile. So if you have already got a Setapp subscription, you don’t must pay for a standalone Ulysses subscription.

Picture Credit score: Ilya Pavlov on Unsplash

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