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The Safari Shortcuts Cheat Sheet for Mac

The Safari Shortcuts Cheat Sheet for Mac

Safari is among the greatest browsers for Mac customers and beats Chrome on many counts.

Have you ever determined to stay with this native macOS app for shopping? Then it’s time to take your Safari expertise a notch or two greater by including just a few selection shortcuts to your workflow. Take your decide from the shortcuts we’ve compiled within the cheat sheet under. (Utilizing all of them is even higher!)

The cheat sheet incorporates a number of keyboard shortcuts in addition to link-based shortcuts for dealing with tabs, bookmarks, webpage content material, and extra. These shortcuts can prevent a great deal of time as you surf the net.

FREE DOWNLOAD: This cheat sheet is obtainable as a downloadable PDF from our distribution companion, TradePub. You’ll have to full a brief type to entry it for the primary time solely. Obtain The Safari Shortcuts Cheat Sheet for Mac.

The Safari Shortcuts Cheat Sheet for Mac

Tab and Window Administration
Cmd + NOpen new window
Shift + Cmd + NOpen new non-public window
Cmd + TOpen new tab
Possibility + Cmd + TOpen new tab at finish of tab bar
¹Cmd + LChoose tackle bar content material
¹Cmd + ReturnOpen tackle bar URL in new background tab
Shift + Cmd + ReturnOpen tackle bar URL in new foreground tab
²Cmd + click onOpen hyperlink in new background tab
²Option + Cmd + click onOpen hyperlink in new background window
²Shift + Cmd + click onOpen hyperlink in new foreground tab
²Option + Shift + Cmd + click onOpen hyperlink in new foreground window
³Cmd + MDecrease present window
Cmd + WShut present tab
Possibility + Cmd + WShut all tabs besides present tab
Shift + Cmd + WShut present window
Possibility + Shift + Cmd + WShut all home windows
⁴Cmd + Shift + TReopen final closed tab/window
Management + Tab OR
Shift + Cmd + ]
Change to subsequent tab
Shift + Management + Tab OR
Shift + Cmd + [
Change to earlier tab
⁵Cmd + half of/…Change to first tab/second tab/…
Cmd + 9Change to final tab i.e. tab at finish of tab bar
⁶Option + Cmd + 1,2..9Open first/second/… bookmark listed below Favorites
Shift + Cmd +Toggle Tab Overview
Possibility + click on Shut buttonShut all tabs besides tab whose shut button you clicked
Cmd + QGive up Safari
Webpage Content material
Up ArrowScroll up
Down ArrowScroll down
Left ArrowScroll left
Proper ArrowScroll proper
Possibility + Arrow keyScroll in bigger increments
Spacebar OR
Web page Down
Scroll down a display screen
Shift + Spacebar OR
Web page Up
Scroll up a display screen
Cmd + Up Arrow OR
Fn + Left Arrow OR
Scroll to high of webpage
Cmd + Down Arrow OR
Fn + Proper Arrow OR
Scroll to backside of webpage
Cmd + +Zoom in on webpage content material
Cmd + –Zoom out of webpage content material
Possibility + Cmd + +Make webpage textual content greater
Possibility + Cmd + –Make webpage textual content smaller
Cmd + 0Restore webpage content material to default dimension
Cmd + RReload webpage
Possibility + Cmd + RReload webpage from origin i.e. with out utilizing browser cache
Cmd + .Cease webpage from loading
Cmd + ] OR
Cmd + Proper Arrow
Go to subsequent web page in historical past
Cmd + [ OR
Cmd + Left Arrow
Go to earlier web page in historical past
Maintain Again/Ahead toolbar buttonView historical past of present tab in a listing
Shift + Cmd + HGo to homepage
Possibility + Cmd + SSearch outcomes SnapBack
Cmd + FDiscover textual content on web page
Cmd + F
Cmd + E
Discover chosen textual content on web page
Cmd + G OR
Transfer ahead by way of matching textual content outcomes
Shift + Cmd + G OR
Shift + Return
Transfer backward by way of matching textual content outcomes
Studying and Bookmarks – I
Shift + Cmd + RToggle Reader view for present webpage
Cmd + DSave present webpage as bookmark
Shift + Cmd + DAdd present webpage to Studying Record
⁷Option + Cmd + Down ArrowLoad subsequent Studying Record merchandise
⁷Option + Cmd + Up ArrowLoad earlier Studying Record merchandise
Click on bookmark in sidebar or double-click in Bookmarks EditorOpen bookmark
Shift + click onAdd linked web page to Studying Record
Cmd + click on folder in Favorites barOpen all bookmarks from folder
Drag bookmark to left/proper in Favorites barTransfer bookmark
Drag bookmark off Favorites barTake away bookmark
⁸Reading and Bookmarks – II
⁹Cmd + click onChoose/deselect bookmark/folder
¹⁰Shift + click onChoose a number of bookmarks/folders
Cmd + double-clickOpen bookmark in new background tab
Possibility + Cmd + double-clickOpen bookmark in new background window
Shift + Cmd + double-clickOpen bookmark in new foreground tab
Possibility + Shift + Cmd + double-clickOpen bookmark in new foreground window
SpacebarOpen chosen bookmark OR
Toggle contents of chosen bookmark folder
Proper ArrowOpen chosen folder
Left ArrowShut chosen folder
ReturnSpotlight title of chosen bookmark/folder for modifying OR
End modifying title of bookmark/folder
DeleteDeleted chosen bookmark/folder
Browser Structure and Views
³Cmd + ,Open Preferences
Shift + Cmd + BToggle Favorites bar
Cmd + /Toggle standing bar
Shift + Cmd + LToggle sidebar
Management + Cmd + 1Toggle Bookmarks sidebar
Management + Cmd + 2Toggle Studying Record sidebar
Shift + Cmd +Toggle Tab Overview
¹¹Option + Cmd + LToggle Downloads
Possibility + Cmd + BPresent Bookmarks Editor
Management + Cmd + FToggle Full Display screen view
Cmd + YPresent browser historical past
EscGive up Full Display screen mode OR
Give up Reader View
Possibility + Cmd + RToggle Responsive Design mode
Possibility + Cmd + IPresent Internet Inspector
Possibility + Shift + Cmd + IJoin Internet Inspector
Possibility + Cmd + CPresent JavaScript Console
Possibility + Cmd + UPresent Web page Supply
Possibility + Cmd + APresent Web page Sources
Possibility +Shift + Cmd + TBegin/cease timeline recording
Shift + Cmd + CBegin/cease component choice
Possibility + Cmd + EEmpty browser caches
Different Shortcuts
Cmd + OOpen file
Possibility + click on file hyperlinkObtain linked file
Double-click file in Downloads listingOpen downloaded file
Cmd + IE-mail hyperlink to present web page

¹Use Cmd + L and Cmd + Return in that order to duplicate present tab rapidly.

²Shortcut works with bookmarks in Favorites bar additionally.

³Shortcut works in different macOS apps additionally.

⁴The Undo shortcut Cmd + Z additionally works so long as the Shut Tab motion was the newest one. Neither shortcut can reopen non-public shopping tabs and home windows.

⁵Shortcut works just for first eight tabs from left.

⁶Shortcut works just for first 9 tabs from left. Folders and bookmarks inside them don’t rely.

⁷Shortcut works solely when Studying Record sidebar is open.

⁸Shortcuts work in Bookmarks Sidebar and Bookmarks Editor.

⁹Shortcut additionally lets you choose a number of, non-contiguous bookmarks/folders.

¹⁰Shortcut works with contiguous bookmarks solely.

¹¹Shortcut doesn’t work when Downloads listing is empty.

Personalize Safari for a Higher Workflow

Regardless of being much less versatile than common browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, Safari stays the best choice for Mac customers due to its seamless integration with macOS.

To make one of the best of Safari, personalize it with our Safari customization information, maintain it in high form with our ideas for reinforcing browser pace and efficiency and naturally, use the shortcuts we’ve listed above.

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