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The Minecraft Commands Cheat Sheet

The Minecraft Commands Cheat Sheet

Whether or not you’re making an attempt to handle a server otherwise you simply need to give your self a bunch of diamonds, Minecraft instructions are a useful gizmo. You may sort them into your chat, or load them right into a command block for automated use.

There are many instructions to attempt. You should use the gamemode command to vary the sport mode to Artistic, which helps you to fly round wherever. The give command permits you to give your self any merchandise you want. There’s a teleport command in case you die a good distance away out of your spawn level. You may even change your spawn level anytime, with out the necessity for a mattress!

It’s essential to notice that not all Minecraft instructions are suitable with each platform. PC customers can use “Java Version” instructions, whereas gamers on consoles or mobiles will want “Bedrock Version” instructions. Some instructions work the identical approach on each variations, and a few might have totally different syntaxes. The cheat sheet PDF obtainable for obtain beneath highlights these variations and in addition incorporates instance instructions.

With out additional ado, right here’s the cheat sheet for all of your Minecraft command wants.

FREE DOWNLOAD: This cheat sheet is accessible as a downloadable PDF from our distribution associate, TradePub. You’ll have to full a brief kind to entry it for the primary time solely. Obtain The Minecraft Instructions Cheat Sheet.

The Minecraft Instructions Cheat Sheet

Needless to say Minecraft cheats aren’t enabled by default. The setting for enabling cheats varies relying on the Minecraft model you’re utilizing.

Command TitleCommand Syntax
Server Administration
Ban Participant/ban [target] [reason]
Ban IP Handle/ban-ip [target/IP address] [reason]
View Banned Customers/banlist gamers
/banlist IPs
Change Default Gamemode/defaultgamemode (survival/inventive/journey/spectator)
Take away Operator Privileges/deop [target]
Pressure a Chunk to Load Always/forceload (add/take away) (chunk coords)
/forceload take away all
/forceload question (chunk coords)
Set the Present Gamemode/gamemode (survival/inventive/journey/spectator) [target]
Set a Gamerule/gamerule [RuleName] (RuleValues)
Listing Gamers on Server/checklist
/checklist uuids
Kick Participant/kick [target] [reason]
Give Operator Standing/op [player]
Unban Participant/pardon [player]
Unban IP Handle/pardon-ip [address]
Permit LAN Customers to Be part of a Singleplayer World/publish [port]
Save a Backup of a World/save maintain
/save question
/save resume
Save a Server/save-all (flush)
Disable Automated Server Saves/save-off
Allow Automated Server Saves/save-on
Change Idle Kick Time/setidletimeout [minutes]
Set Most Participant Depend/setmaxplayers [amount]
Set Default Spawn Level/setworldspawn
/setworldspawn (x, y, z)
Make Spectator Comply with Entity/spectate [target] [player]
Unfold Gamers Throughout World/spreadplayers (middle coords) [distance of spread] [maximum range] [team spread: true/false] [targets]
Shut Down Server/cease
Depend an Entity/testfor [target]
Switch to One other Server/transferserver [ip address] [port]
Modify the Server Whitelist/whitelist (add/take away) [player]
/whitelist (on/off)
/whitelist checklist
/whitelist reload
Allow/Disable Mob Occasions/mobevent [event] (true/false)
Hook up with a WebSocket Server/wsserver OR /join [ip]
Participant Modification and Cheats
Clear Gadgets from Stock/clear [target]
/clear [target] [item]
/clear [target] [item] [amount]
Add or Take away Developments/development (grant/take away) [target] every little thing
Grant or Take away a Standing ImpactFor Java: /impact give [entity] [effect] (length) (impact stage) (conceal particles: true/false)
For Bedrock: /impact [entity] [effect] (length) (impact stage) (conceal particles: true/false)
For Java: /impact clear [entity] [effect]
For Bedrock: /impact [entity] clear
Enchant Present Weapon/enchant [target] [enchantment ID] [level]
Add or Take away Expertise Factors(/expertise OR /xp) add [target] [amount] (factors/ranges)
(/expertise OR /xp) set [target] [amount] (factors/ranges)
/expertise question [target] (factors/ranges)
Give an Merchandise to Somebody/give [target] [item] [amount]
Kill Entity/kill
/kill [target]
Find Construction/find [structure]
Add or Take away Recipes/recipe (give/take) [player] [recipe name]
Set Participant’s Spawn Level/spawnpoint
/spawnpoint (x, y, z)
/spawnpoint [optional target] (x, y, z)
Summon an Entity/summon [entity]
/summon [entity] (x, y, z)
Teleport an Entity/teleport OR /tp (coords)
/tp [target] (coords)
/tp [target] (coords) (rotation)
/tp [target] (coords) dealing with (location)
/tp [target] (coords) dealing with [entity]
World Modifying and Administration
Clone a Area of Blocks/clone (starting coord of area) (finish coord of area) (vacation spot coords)
Exchange Gadgets in Blocks/replaceitem block (block coords) [slot] [item] (quantity)
Change a Block to a Completely different Block/setblock (x, y, z) [block]
Edit Blocks in a Area/fill (starting area coord) (finish area coord) [block type] (destroy/hole/hold/define/change)
Check if a Block is Current/testforblock (x, y, z) [block name]
Check if Blocks in Two Areas Are Similar/testforblocks (starting coord of area) (finish coord of area) (comparability coords)
Add or Take away a Ticking Space/tickingarea add (starting coord of area) (finish coord of area) [name]
/tickingarea add circle (middle coord) (radius) [name]
/tickingarea take away (identify/all)
Regulate or See the World Time/time (add/set) [amount]
/time question (daytime/gametime/day)
Show or Edit a Title Display/title [player] (title/subtitle/actionbar)
The Minecraft Instructions Cheat Sheet
/title [player] occasions [fadein time] [stay time] [fadeout time]
/title [player] clear
/title [player] reset
Flip Rain On or Off/toggledownfall
Change the Climate/climate (clear/rain/thunder) [duration]
Show the World Seed/seed
Modify the World Border/worldborder add [distance] [time]
/worldborder middle (coords)
/worldborder injury (quantity/buffer) [variables]
/worldborder get
/worldborder set [distance] [time]
/worldborder warning (distance/time) [variables]
Toggle World Builder Standing/worldbuilder OR /wb
Show Customized Motion in Chat/me [action]
Ship a Non-public Message(/msg OR /inform OR /w) [player] [message]
Ship a Message to the Server/say [message]
Ship a Message to Your Crew(/teammsg OR /tm) [message]
Ship a JSON Message to All Gamers/tellraw [player] (message)
Crew and Scoreboard Administration
Modify Participant Groups/staff add [team name] [display name]
/staff empty [team name]
/staff be a part of [team name] [players]
/staff go away [players]
/staff checklist [team name]
/staff modify [team name] [attribute] [value]
/staff take away [team name]
Modify the Scoreboard/scoreboard goals (add/checklist/modify/take away/setdisplay) [variables]
/scoreboard gamers (add/allow/get/checklist/operation/take away/reset/set) [variables]
Add, Take away, or View Scoreboard Tags/tag [target] checklist
/tag [target] (add/take away) [tag]
Set off a Scoreboard Goal/set off (goal identify) [add/set(number)]
Information Administration
Customise Boss Well being Bars/bossbar (add/get/checklist/take away/set) [bossbar id] [additional parameters]
Modify How Information Packs are Loaded and Unloaded/datapack disable [data pack name]
/datapack allow [data pack name] (first/final)
/datapack allow [data pack name] (earlier than/after) [data pack]
/datapack checklist (obtainable/enabled)
Allow or Disable Debugging/debug (begin/cease/report)
Get Assist for a Command/assist [page] [command]
Play a Sound/playsound [sound] Gaming [player] [source coord] [volume] [pitch] [min volume]
Cease a Sound Taking part in/stopsound [target]
Reload Information Packs/reload
Schedule a Perform to Run/schedule perform [function path] [time(d/s/t)]
Run a Perform/perform [function path]
Helpful Goal Modifiers
Goal the Nearest Participant@p
Goal a Random Participant@r
Goal All Gamers@a
Goal All Entities@e
Goal a Crew[team=TeamName]
Goal an Entity Sort[type=EntityTypeName]
Goal Gamers With Particular EXP Ranges[level=LevelNumber]
Goal Gamers in a Particular Gamemode[gamemode=GamemodeName]
Targets Entities With a Particular Title[name=TargetName]
Reverse a Goal Modifier[modifier=!target]

Minecraft With a Twist

Minecraft has many instructions beneath its hood, however they’re not too complicated. And whether or not you’re mass-editing a world otherwise you need to fly round in Artistic mode, there’s a command that will help you.

Talking of Minecraft instructions, they embrace a particular subset of instructions referred to as the Minecraft command block instructions. You should use them to grant particular admin-level powers to gamers who don’t have admin privileges. And also you’ll study all concerning the command block instructions in our Minecraft command blocks information.

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