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SWAT Tactics Game ‘Door Kickers’ Drops to 99¢

Door Kickers [$0.99 (HD)] hit the App Store almost exactly a year ago now and following the PC game dropping in price courtesy of the Summer Steam Sale, the iOS version also saw an extreme price drop. 99¢ is the cheapest Door Kickers has ever been on iOS, and if you’re in to top-down tactical gameplay, it’s a title you really shouldn’t miss. (In case you didn’t grab it when it launched.)

Check out the launch trailer:

The game uses sight lines in clever ways, and actually leads you to using real SWAT-like tactics when it comes to clearing rooms and completing objectives. The PC version rocks a solid 82 on Metacritic, and the whole thing transfers over great to touch devices since a lot of your controls rely on super natural line drawing mechanics that work well on iOS.

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