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Sonic the Hedgehog film review: You can slow your roll, Sega fans

High-speed blur effect? Check. Golden ring? Check. Oversized eyes? Check (thank goodness). But what about the rest of the first live-action <em>Sonic the Hedgehog</em> film?
Enlarge / Excessive-speed blur impact? Verify. Golden ring? Verify. Outsized eyes? Verify (thank goodness). However what about the remainder of the primary live-action Sonic the Hedgehog movie?

At the least seven instances throughout my screening of Sonic the Hedgehog, the primary live-action movie primarily based on the traditional Sega gaming franchise, I blurted to myself: “I can not imagine they almost saved the previous design.”

The nicest factor I can say about this week’s new film is that Sega and Paramount dodged a monumental catastrophe. This movie’s digital camera is in love with Sonic, the only real CGI-ified star. It continuously stares him down, lingers on his cartoon-bulging eyes, and permits the animation crew to promote his emotional state. Not that Sonic is a refined character; actor Ben Schwarz (Parks & Recreation, the voice of Star Wars‘ BB-8) performs the titular function like a caffeinated 12-year-old, and it is becoming. However the movie’s heartwarming moments at all times embrace deep appears to be like into Sonic’s eyes. That would’ve been very, very completely different.

Now, viewers members can relaxation assured that this serviceable, acceptable, not-amazing-but-not-terrible household movie wasn’t tanked by toothy, limber, squinty-eyed Sonic. With that essential element out of the way in which, the remainder of the connected movie is not as sensational or headline-worthy. The collection’ first live-action movie is neither a jolt to the pantheon of Sonic media nor a must-see online game adaptation. We have landed someplace above The Indignant Birds Film, someplace beneath Pokemon: Detective Pikachu.

A madman trapped in his personal universe, not Sega’s

I land on an total constructive verdict largely due to Jim Carrey’s whirlwind comedic efficiency as collection villain Dr. Robotnik. His script has zero obvious ties to collection lore (which, to be truthful, is generally two-dimensional cheese present in cartoon and comic-book variations). As an alternative, the writing and directing crew seem to have given Carrey full rein to play up the “selfish, genius megalomaniac” archetype nonetheless he noticed match. Primarily based on how far his character flies off the rails, with speeches completely synced to Carrey’s physicality and timing, I get the impression the actor ad-libbed what we get on-screen. But even when I am incorrect, his rhythms and depth fall into an unimaginable groove, as if he had been educating a masterclass on ’60s B-movie villainy.

To that finish, neither Carrey nor anybody else right here has an allegiance to a “Sonic-worthy” plot or references. When Carrey is hilarious, he is performing like a madman trapped in his personal universe, not Sega’s. And when Sonic is dashing round or combating robots, the outcomes hardly ever appear like the motion within the blue hedgehog’s traditional video games. He has perhaps two “spin sprint” strikes all through the movie’s 90 minutes, and he hardly ever bounces on prime of unhealthy guys to destroy them. Not that it issues that a lot for the sake of the movie, however I level it out for these viewers who may be dismayed that Robotnik does not abide by collection lore and lure woodland creatures inside his robots.

Unusually, the filmmakers cannot get previous a special superhero’s archetype: the Flash. All the pieces Sonic does on this movie revolves round his means to run quick, which they take to imply he has a mastery of time and area—that he can understand the world round him in sluggish movement, or that he can run insane distances nearly immediately. Most of Sonic’s visible gags within the movie revolve round this idea, and a stack of licensed DC Comics books in a single scene reads much less like an homage and extra like an open admission of a dry artistic properly.

Positive, he can sluggish time down, mess with close by individuals whereas time’s frozen, after which name “time in!” to look at the sparks fly. It is cute. I chuckled. But it surely’s not a really creative twist on the traditional bullet-time idea. Why not make Sonic abide by the sport collection’ problem of discovering loops, ramps, and momentum-drivers to construct his pace? Why not have him spin-dash to knock down partitions? I can consider a bunch of foolish, family-friendly gags that might revolve round these limitations and really feel extra genuine to the sport collection.

Somebody get Sonic a map, please

The film's robot designs are just about it for non-Sonic CGI, and they're nothing to shout about.
Enlarge / The movie’s robotic designs are nearly it for non-Sonic CGI, and so they’re nothing to shout about.
Sega / Paramount

As an alternative, we get roughly 4 laugh-out-loud references to the sport collection (together with not less than one superior meme), bolted onto a plot that comes saddled with a number of cockamamie jumps in logic. For starters, the movie opens with a really odd Sonic origin story: he was raised on a magical island… by a mysterious speaking owl named Littlefoot. (No, you will not discover this owl in every other present Sonic media.) This transient hedgehog-and-owl sequence truthfully appears to be like ripped out of the tragic Sonic 2006 online game, and the one good factor I’ve to say about it’s that it is transient.

From there, Sonic is ordered to make use of his magic bag of rings to warp from one universe to the following any time somebody sees him utilizing his super-fast pace. (Why should he at all times disguise, versus using his powers for good? We by no means get a superb reply.) This adjustments when he lands on Earth—extra particularly, a small city in Montana—and begins creepily stalking a cop named Tom (performed by James Marsden of Westworld fame).

Sonic’s loneliness will get the higher of him, and he breaks out of his hiding gap to ask for Tom’s assist. What does Sonic want? Why, a experience to the opposite facet of america, the place his bag of rings by chance wound up. When requested why he does not insta-run there himself, particularly in an emergency, Sonic complains that he does not have a map. I imply, the movie may have sewn that logic up by giving Sonic a leg cramp, a vitamin deficiency, or one thing. But it surely’s not that form of film.

The movie pits Tom and Sonic, who turn out to be friends throughout this highway journey, in opposition to Robotnik, a US Authorities-sponsored researcher who apparently will get employed to clear up CIA-grade emergencies. The movie’s highest quality is its give attention to these three stars, versus a bloated and unwieldy solid of family-comedy characters. Marsden is especially nimble at strolling the fragile line between being Sonic’s disciplinarian and his pal—and delivering simply sufficient stress earlier than letting Sonic go forward along with his wackiest antics. Sadly, the supporting solid largely fails at its function of offering comedian aid, except for Carrey’s right-hand man, a bumbling agent performed by Lee Majdoub (The 100).

However Marsden and Schwarz are nowhere close to the sweetness, comedy, and coming-of-age payoff we acquired from the leads of Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, a movie that additionally runs circles round Sonic’s CGI division. PDP crammed its scenes with dozens of impeccably rendered animal-monster issues, whereas Sonic, this movie’s sole CGI star, comes with some actually otherworldly, awkward-looking rendering of fur and light-weight bounces. Various instances, I observed unusual reflections off of Sonic’s beady nostril, which made me wonder if this movie may’ve used another rendering move. And the VFX individuals did not make up for this with their designs of Robotnik’s flying drone supporters; it is all generic, laser-shooting robots from that half of the equation. (To be truthful, their priorities in all probability lie elsewhere, and I do not blame them.)

I am glad Sonic had sufficient of its elements in place to get me via a viewing feeling entertained. However the one factor that might get me to advocate this movie over different family-friendly choices is, truthfully, Jim Carrey’s efficiency. Nothing else in Sonic the Hedgehog feels notably thrilling, even inside its particular area of interest of a transparent “PG, not PG-13” ranking.

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