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Review: Infiniti gets functional with the 2019 QX50

Infotainment in the new 2019 QX50 is overall very good, but has some downsides. Infiniti likes a two-screen system, one upper and one lower. In the QX50, this works better than in the Q50 sedan, since the larger crossover-SUV has a flatter angle from driver’s eye to the screen, which means less glare. The upper screen is still very glare-prone, however, and the fact that the information cannot be swapped from one screen to the other is an annoyance. The upper screen is an 8-inch touchscreen that shows vehicle information, including navigation. The lower 7-inch touchscreen is focused on apps, climate control, and entertainment. Luckily, both screens can be turned off so that the cabin doesn’t become a huge halo of light at night.

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