Microsoft Xbox Onesie: The ultimate in couch potato comfort?

Hot on the heels of the Xbox One S launch, Microsoft has whipped the covers off yet another fresh product. It’s designed for serious gamers but it’s not 4K compatible, and you can’t even plug it into the television. Instead, it’s one of the most confounding pieces of branded kit you’ll see all year. Ladies and gentlemen, emerge from your dungeons and meet the Xbox Onesie.

  • The Xbox Onesie has been aimed directly at gamers and couch potatoes
  • Xbox Onesie has lots of pockets for controllers, phones and remotes
  • Gamers can have their phone at easy reach with this arm pocket
  • The forearm pads are designed to prevent slippage

No, we’re not making this up, Microsoft really has created an Xbox Onesie for hardened gamers and serial Netflix bingers. There are enlarged side pockets to hold an Xbox controller, and there’s a special phone pocket built into the left sleeve for quick and easy access.

Microsoft has also fitted an enlarged hood to leave room for bulky gaming headsets, and textured pads on the elbows prevent arm-slippage during even the most intense (virtual) gun battles, car races or thrift shop robberies.

It’s not April Fools’ Day, but we can’t be sure if Microsoft is serious with this one. There’s no word on pricing or availability in the Xbox Onesie press release, which was accompanied by stats about the rate at which Australians are consuming media.

If nothing else, Xbox Onesie goes to the top of our list of punniest names for 2016.

Source: Microsoft

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