Latest LG speakers get funky lighting and water-resistance

The number of Bluetooth speakers on the market seems to jump everyday, with everyone from JBL to Bang & Olufsen getting involved. Determined to stick out from the crowd, the latest line of LG speakers has been kitted out with LED lighting to help you wirelessly groove to the music.


The 2.5-watt PH2, which features at the back/left of the image above, is the smallest of the new LG trio. Weighing in at less than 227 g (8 oz), it’s designed for cyclists and hikers who want to take their music along for the ride. LG says it’s splash proof and “resilient” enough to handle the outdoors, and a connected strap means it can be secured to a backpack or jacket easily.

Battery life is limited to around six hours, and two devices can connect up with Bluetooth at once. There’s also a regular auxiliary input to cater for older devices without wireless connectivity.


Jumping up to the 3-watt PH3 gets you the lantern-like speaker in the middle of our lead photo. Measuring up at 3.5 x 4.9 in (8.9 x 12.4 cm) it’s still compact and easy to move, but the small LED strip running around the outside of the PH2 has been subbed out for a bigger light at the top.

That light can be run in five different modes, and the speaker uses a single passive radiator for bass. Battery life jumps up to ten hours, but the PH3 does lose its smaller sibling’s splash proofing and rugged focus.


The 16-watt PH4 is the best of both worlds, offering water-resistance in a punchier package. Once again, there’s a compatible strap to hook it onto a backpack for outdoors listening.

Where the PH4 differs from the other two speakers is in the sound department. As well as packing a much more powerful amplifier than the other two units, LG has fitted dual passive radiators for even better bass.

Battery life is limited to 10 hours, putting it behind the UE Boom 2 with its 15 hour battery. The Boom, which is widely renowned as one of the best reasonably-priced Bluetooth speakers, is also fully waterproof, rather than merely water resistant.

There’s no word about pricing yet, but we’ll be at the LG booth at IFA to give them a try.

Source: LG via PR Newswire

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