Get Battleborn, Civ 5 and more for $15 in 2K Humble Bundle deal

PC gamers can score a host of 2K Games-published titles, like Battleborn, Civilization 5, Spec Ops: The Line and more on the cheap, thanks to the Humble 2K Bundle 2.

The latest Humble Bundle may be the best deal yet on Gearbox Software’s Battleborn, which was released in May. And if you’ve ever been curious about just how good Duke Nukem Forever is or wondered whether the hype for Spec Ops: The Line was warranted, you can get both of those games for as little as $1.

Here are the current deals in the Humble 2K Bundle 2.

Pay $1 or more:

Pay more than the average (currently about $6.80):

Pay $15 or more:

As with other Humble Bundles, buyers can choose how they want to divvy up their purchase. Buyers can split the money they spend between publisher 2K, Humble and charity organization GameChanger, which helps bring video games to hospitalized children.

Humble and 2K promise more games will be added to the bundle soon.

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