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Cross-Platform MMORPG ‘Mad World’ Gets New Trailers

It was in July of last year that we were really blown away by Mad World, an upcoming MMORPG from developer Jandisoft. There were a couple of main reasons for this. For one, Mad World is built entirely in HTML5 and when it finally releases it will be totally cross-platform between desktop and mobile just by playing the game in a browser. The second reason was that Mad World was just gorgeous to look at with a really cool Lovecraftian art style, tons of characters on screen at once, and absolutely HUGE boss fights. Its look would be impressive for a full blown console game, but a browser game? Holy moly. Today Jandisoft has released three new videos showing Mad World in action. In order from top to bottom they show a field raid test, a boss raid test, and a PvP test, check ’em out.

All three videos were captured as part of an internal test at Jandisoft, but the developers are planning on launching a wider beta test for Mad World at some point before the end of the year. The full release of the game is planned for some point in 2019. In case you missed any of our previous coverage, about a month after its initial announcement last year Jandisoft released this cool trailer showing Mad World running on a ton of different devices to show off just how cross platform the game is. Then this past February they released a second gameplay trailer alongside their intention to release the game on Steam. We’ll keep our ears to the ground for any info regarding a beta test and will be looking forward to more on Mad World as development continues.

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