Counterpoint: MIT scientists translate coronavirus protein structure into music

A visualization of the vibrational properties of the spike protein of the novel coronavirus (SARS-Cov-2). Primary colors represent the spike’s three protein chains.
Enlarge / A visualization of the vibrational properties of the spike protein of the novel coronavirus (SARS-Cov-2). Major colours signify the spike’s three protein chains.
Markus Buehler/MIT

MIT’s Markus Buehler focuses on creating AI fashions to design new proteins and is probably greatest recognized for utilizing sonification to light up structural particulars which may in any other case show elusive. Now his lab has utilized that method to mannequin the vibrational properties of the spike protein accountable for the excessive contagion fee of the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). What they study might in the future assist scientists determine how greatest to cease the virus in its tracks, resulting in potential therapies and hopefully stopping future lethal outbreaks.

The hierarchical components of music composition (pitch, vary, dynamics, tempo) are analogous to the hierarchical components of protein construction, in keeping with Buehler. Very similar to how music has a restricted variety of notes and chords and makes use of totally different mixtures to compose music, proteins have a restricted variety of constructing blocks (its 20 amino acids) that may mix in any variety of methods to create novel protein constructions with distinctive properties. Every amino acid has a selected sound signature, akin to a fingerprint.

Any style of music has patterns,” Buehler advised Ars final yr. “You will see universality by way of sound, the tones, however you additionally see repetitive patterns, like motifs and actions in classical music. These sorts of patterns are additionally present in proteins.”  

A number of years in the past, Buehler led the crew of MIT scientists that mapped the molecular construction of proteins in spider silk threads onto musical principle to supply the “sound” of silk in hopes of building a radical new option to create designer proteins. And as we reported final yr, they subsequently developed an much more superior system of constructing music out of a protein construction—after which changing it again to create novel proteins by no means earlier than seen in nature. The crew additionally developed a free app for the Android smartphone, referred to as the Amino Acid Synthesizer, so customers might create their very own protein “compositions” from the sounds of amino acids.

“Our brains are nice at processing sound,” Buehler lately defined to MIT Information. “In a single sweep, our ears choose up all of its hierarchical options: pitch, timbre, quantity, melody, rhythm, and chords. We would want a high-powered microscope to see the equal element in a picture, and we might by no means see it abruptly. Sound is such a chic option to entry the knowledge saved in a protein.”

The novel coronavirus is not any exception. As Buehler lately advised MIT Information:

Its protein spike comprises three protein chains folded into an intriguing sample. These constructions are too small for the attention to see, however they are often heard. We represented the bodily protein construction, with its entangled chains, as interwoven melodies that type a multi-layered composition. The spike protein’s amino acid sequence, its secondary construction patterns, and its intricate three-dimensional folds are all featured. The ensuing piece is a type of counterpoint music, by which notes are performed towards notes. Like a symphony, the musical patterns mirror the protein’s intersecting geometry realized by materializing its DNA code.

The virus has an uncanny potential to deceive and exploit the host for its personal multiplication. Its genome hijacks the host cell’s protein manufacturing equipment and forces it to copy the viral genome and produce viral proteins to make new viruses. As you hear, it’s possible you’ll be shocked by the nice, even stress-free, tone of the music. However it methods our ear in the identical manner the virus methods our cells. It’s an invader disguised as a pleasant customer. By means of music, we are able to see the SARS-CoV-2 spike from a special approach, and recognize the pressing must study the language of proteins.

In keeping with Buehler, gaining a greater understanding of those vibrational patterns might be essential for designing efficient drug therapies sooner or later, maybe by trying to find a protein with the same melody and rhythm that might make it an efficient antibody, thereby limiting the virus’s potential to contaminate hosts. On a extra aesthetic stage, “This musical artwork teaches us one thing in regards to the fantastic line between [the] great thing about life and demise as an reverse pole.”

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