Best New iPhone Games on Our Forums: ‘Battleheart 2’, ‘Trism II’, ‘MagiCats Builder’, ‘Star Ocean’ and TONS More

I know there’s a ton of new games out this week, but I’m all about Battleheart 2 . The original Battleheart($2.99) is still one of my favorite games of all time which comes across in my review in a big way. I’ve been playing an early version on Test Flight, and, this game is good. In other news, today is All American Pet Photo Day… But, people into taking pet photos probably don’t need any reminders to take them. I’m bad about updating it, but even my doghas his own Instagram.

Here’s all the games that have been posted to our forums so far, which likely not is the complete list for the week. If you don’t see your game here, get to posting this in our forums!

Stay tuned for our full roundup later this evening!

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