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Nanotech aims for better, more Earth-friendly sanitary products

Sanitary napkins could be getting more eco-friendly, more comfortable and better-performing

Did you know that the petroleum-based superabsorbent polymers used in sanitary napkins and similar products can take up to 500 years to degrade? Those polymers can also cause toxic shock syndrome, which is why their use in tampons was banned decades ago. Now, however, scientists from the Indian Institute of Technology have developed an alternative which they claim is more environmentally-friendly, safer and more effective.

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The Deck-Building Word Game ‘Paperback’ Is Out

A few weeks back we wrote that the deck-building word game Paperback [$3.99] was getting a digital version, and that version would be coming out soon. Well, "soon" has arrived since Paperback has just released on the App Store. In the game you play an author trying to finish genre novels like Sci-Fi, Romance, Westerns,

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Ubisoft Acquires Prolific Mobile Developer and Publisher Ketchapp

Ubisoft was already a pretty prolific developer in the mobile space, but today they've given themselves a major shot in the arm by acquiring the even more prolific mobile developer Ketchapp. Ubisoft has released a number of mobile games that leverage their popular AAA console and PC brands, as well as licensing popular television IP

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Windshield-blocking device may give the boot to wheel boots

The Barnacle clings like its namesake

We've all seen them … illegally-parked cars that have had wheel boots placed on them, which won't be removed until the fine is paid. Those boots are heavy and cumbersome to carry, however, plus the people who put them on typically have to kneel dangerously close to passing traffic. That's why New York-based Ideas That Stick developed the windshield-blocking Barnacle.

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‘Skyhill’ Review – Flights of Fear

Zombie titles really need to innovate more-so than a lot of other types of games these days. The market is just so saturated that the mere notion of "survival" itself just isn't enough, and there at least needs to be an interesting hook involved beyond the solitary concept of continuing to exist. Skyhill [$2.99] does that,

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Wireless-ready Spider V modeling amps let you retire the guitar cable

The Spider V modeling amps from Line 6 offer more than 200 amps, cabinets and effects, ...

Yamaha-owned Line 6 says its new Spider V guitar amplifiers come with more amps, cabinets and effects than any other amps in their class. What's more, most of the models in the series have a cooked in wireless receiver that's compatible with the company's Relay transmitters, giving players the opportunity to go cable-free with ease.

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2016 Smartwatch Comparison Guide

New Atlas compares the best smartwatches you can buy in late 2016

If 2015 was the year smartwatches threw their mainstream arrival party, then 2016 has been the year everyone sobered up and tried to sleep off a nasty hangover. Sales aren't keeping pace with expectations, and that has some big names like Motorola, Huawei and LG opting not to release any new models this year. In a watered-down field, let's compare our top picks of the smartwatches you can buy today.

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