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‘The Parlor’ Normal and Heroic Guide: Tips and Decklists for Defeating Wing 1 of ‘One Night in Karazhan’, the Latest ‘Hearthstone’ Adventure

I hope you've all enjoyed playing through the Prologue of One Night in Karazhan, Hearthstone's [Free] newest Adventure. If you haven't played the Prologue yet, you can check out our guide on how to defeat Prince Malchezaar. And now, the serious business of tackling the Adventure begins. Wing 1, The Parlor, has you walking through

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iOS 10 Preview: Phone gains spam alerts, VoIP integration, transcribed voicemails & more

iOS 10 turns the iPhone’s boring Phone app into a software platform in its own right. Developers are now permitted to add previously unheard-of capabilities to Phone using Apple’s new application programming interface (API), called CallKit, allowing Voice over IP (VoIP) calls from apps like Skype and WhatsApp to behave like cellular calls. CallKit-enabled apps put contact images on...


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Smart helmet buzzes cyclists’ bones with music and communications

Coros plans to launch a Kickstarter in early September

It isn't just bicycles that are getting smarter; bicycling accessories like helmets and gloves have also been hitting the books. The latest example on its way to streets, the Coros Linx smart helmet pulls those irritating, dangerous earbuds out of the cyclist's ears, using bone conduction for music play, hands-free calling and other audio features. It also promises automatic emergency notifications, two-way radio communications and more.

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‘Deus Ex GO’ Releases on August 18th

Square Enix Montreal's Deus Ex GO – which isn't an augmented-reality version of Deus Ex, it's a puzzle game from the studio that was using "GO" as a suffix well before Pokemon GO [Free] ever was – finally has a release date. It's next Thursday, August 18th, releasing on both iOS and Android on that

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Ancient Venus may have looked a whole lot like Earth

Artist's impression of ancient Venus

According to computer modelling, the planet Venus could have once been habitable, hosting a shallow-water ocean, and surface temperatures hospitable to life. The simulations are based on present-day observations of Venus, paired with data harvested by previous NASA missions that visited the enigmatic planet.

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The goblin shark has a slingshot mouth

The goblin shark, prior to extending its jaw (top) and with its jaw extended (bottom)

The bizarre-looking goblin shark lives in the waters off the coast of Japan, at great depths where prey isn't always plentiful. It's also not a very fast swimmer. So, how does it manage to catch enough to eat? As scientists from Japan's Hokkaido University recently discovered, it's able to shoot its protruding jaws forward faster than any other fish.

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