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Twitter-Integrated Virtual Pet ‘Tweechi’ Launching Globally August 31st

Back in June, developer Fuzzy Face Studios soft-launched their virtual pet game Tweechi in select markets after originally announcing it over a year ago in July of last year. Since then, that soft-launched version seems to have disappeared in lieu of an official global launch, which Fuzzy Face has announced today will be later this month, on August 31st. Tweechi takes a similar approach to virtual pets as Impending’s Hatch [$2.99], with a big, expressive main character who is hand-drawn and animated, as opposed to more retro fare like the Hatchi [$0.99] series. It also features some neat Twitter integration where you can earn in-game currency based on the number of retweets you receive. Check out the launch trailer for Tweechi.

If you’re not a social media butterfly, don’t worry, as the Twitter integration is merely an addition to the game and there’ll be plenty of ways to earn currency and progress with your virtual pet in Tweechi without using it. The game boasts an extensive amount of customizable items for decking out your pet’s room, as well as an unlockable match-3 mini-game and a full day/night cycle. It seems quite interesting, but I have yet to come across a virtual pet game on iOS that’s truly sucked me in beyond the first few days. Hopefully Tweechi will hit that mark when it launches at the end of this month.

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