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Try the new, improved Nioh next month

A beta demo for Nioh, Team Ninja’s long-awaited action game, will launch Aug. 23 on PlayStation 4. The limited-time download will be available until Sept. 6, giving the developer’s fans a brief window to try out the reworked gameplay.

Included in the beta demo are a tutorial stage, where players can learn the ropes of the samurai action title, and a never-before-seen level. There will also be various weapons at their disposal, from katanas to hammers.

The upcoming beta demo, first announced at E3 2016, incorporates the feedback of nearly one million people who tested out Nioh’s earlier alpha trial. That demo was playable for a short time this past spring, and fans fell divided on the controls, difficulty and camera placement.

Team Ninja didn’t comment on which specific parts of Nioh it’s tweaked for the trial. Players can look forward to the free download in late August, ahead of the game’s full release, planned for later this year. The PS4 game was first announced for PlayStation 3, with Team Ninja taking over from Koei Tecmo in 2010.

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