This nostalgic speaker combines retro looks with modern sound

There’s a reason why audiophiles tend to love vintage gear: it’s just cooler than anything you can find today when it comes to style. Unfortunately for the audiophile community, however, speaker systems and audio quality have improved dramatically since the 1950s—rendering most vintage audio systems sonically obsolete.

The Lofree Poison flawlessly bridges the gap between vintage style and modern sonics, and it’s on sale for just $79.99.

The Lofree Poison delivers top-notch sonics, full wireless connectivity via Bluetooth, and a 20-watt amplifier that makes it sound significantly louder than speakers of a similar size. There’s even an enhanced bass driver that kicks out rich, defined low-end frequencies that don’t muddy the highs, along with a six-hour battery life that lets you take your retro-styled jams on the go.

Don’t sacrifice vintage style for modern sonics and convenience. The Lofree Poison combines all three for just $79.99—over 30% off its usual price.

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