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ThinkGeek’s Mass Effect women’s clothing line unlocks your inner FemShep

While we all spent today waiting around for Mass Effect: Andromeda news, ThinkGeek is gifting another surprise to Mass Effect fans for N7 Day. The retailer launched a line of women’s Mass Effect clothing, complete with outerwear, dresses, leggings and accessories, on Monday morning.

The nine pieces in the Mass Effect Capsule Collection (available here) incorporate the iconic red and white military insignia stripes seen on Commander Shepherd’s uniform, as well as the N7 logo. They also feel pretty futuristic, which is perfect if you want to casually feel like you’re ready to travel to space at any moment.

The collection ranges in price from $14.99 to $67.99, and the pieces are expected to ship by mid-December.

We got to check out a few pieces, so check out the pictures below for more detailed shots.

This is the Mass Effect N7 Armour Stripe Faux-Leather Asymmetrical Ladies’ Jacket ($67.99) and Mass Effect N7 Armour Stripe Pieced Leggings ($39.99). The jacket features an asymmetrical zipper, snaps at the waist, front pockets and a collar and hood.
A shot of the jacket’s interior, with the N7 logo.
The leggings are definitely exercise-ready, with a 3-inch elastic waistband. The armor stripe may or may not help you go faster though.
Check out the Mass Effect N7 Logo Infinity Snap Scarf, which we can confirm is pretty toasty.
The scarf is made of herringbone fabric and features N7 snaps and a cloth and vinyl trim. The snaps mean you can wear the scarf multiple ways.
And finally, we also checked out the Mass Effect N7 Long Sleeved Skater Dress ($29.99), which also features that iconic armor stripe.
Also, very importantly, pockets.
The rest of the nine pieces of the collection can be found on ThinkGeek, and will start shipping in December.

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