The Polygon Show on Twitter Live: watch the first episode!

The Polygon Show is going live and on camera! For six weeks starting Oct. 12, we’ll be streaming on Twitter Live every Thursday at 5 p.m. ET. You can watch this week’s debut episode here. The audio will still be available as a full podcast episode on Friday mornings, and the stream itself will be archived on our YouTube channel.

Join us as we answer your questions in real time and continue to discuss important, groundbreaking topics such as soft drinks, games we’re excited about, games we’re mad about and more. Have a question you want answered by the hosts? If you tweet at @Polygon using the hashtag #PolygonShow, it might be included in the lightning rounds.

If you missed out on previous episodes, you can catch up below.


  • Simone de Rochefort – Video producer. Author. Woman of leisure. Assassin’s Creed enthusiast.
  • Chelsea Stark – Managing editor. Zelda fan. PC gamer. Dungeon and/or Dragon.
  • Ashley Oh – Social media manager. Mei main. Meat expert. Phantom thief. Knife user.
  • Allegra Frank – Deputy news editor. Scoop hunter. Anime enjoyer. Nintendo nerd.

The Polygon Show will be available for you to listen to every Friday on Apple Podcasts and Stitcher. If you like what you hear, don’t forget to rate and review The Polygon Show on Apple Podcasts.

Have any serious or just plain strange questions that you want answered on the show? Email us at polygonshow@polygon.com and we might read it on the next episode.

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