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Stylish Zen Drifting Game ‘Absolute Drift’ Has Absolutely Drifted onto iOS

We got a glimpse of an iOS port back in March during GDC, and we got an official release date announcement just last week, and now Funselektor’s stylish drifting game Absolute Drift has finally made its way to the iOS App Store courtesy of Noodlecake Games. If you haven’t played Absolute Drift in its console or PC iterations over the past few years, it’s a game that tasks you with mastering the art of drifting by completing all sorts of clever challenges, and does so with clean minimalist visuals and an extremely smooth physics engine. As in real life though, drifting a vehicle is no easy task, and it’ll take some practice to come to grips with how the vehicle handles in Absolute Drift. However the game does a great job at easing you into different mechanics and peppering little challenges all over the place to help you learn the basics of becoming a master drifter.

I’ve only messed around with the iOS version of Absolute Drift for a short time, but I’m having a total blast with it so far. Let me reiterate that this is a challenging game, and it’s quite tricky to get the hang of getting your vehicle to do what is needed in order to complete challenges. That said, the satisfaction level when you do end up nailing a challenge and you drift your car ever so perfectly is through the roof, and with so much content I imagine I’ll be spending a ton of time with this game. The iOS version features three control schemes: virtual left/right arrows, a virtual joystick, and tilt-based steering, and it also supports MFi controllers for an experience closer to console and PC. The virtual controls work quite well though. If the trailer has piqued your interest, I can definitely recommend picking up the iOS version of Absolute Drift for three bucks with no IAP, and you can head over to our forums for more information and discussion about the game.

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