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Studio Rouleau’s Narrative-Driven Avoidance Game ‘Mind Construct’ Will Release in January

Studio Rouleau’s first App Store release was just a few months ago with Force Escape [Free], a stylish game with minimalist graphics and moody tunes where your job was to swat away all manner of debris as you cleared a path for a shuttle that was rocketing upwards towards escape. It was a clever game that made great use of the touchscreen for controls, and now they’ve announced their sophomore effort Mind Construct which looks to utilize many of the same elements that made Force Escape so cool. Minimalist graphics, catchy music, and a gameplay mechanic that’s perfect for touch are all on display in Mind Construct. Here you’ll drag your finger around the screen collecting memories while avoiding hazards, and then deliver those memories to the mind in the center of the screen.

It looks like a pretty solid avoidance game that will test your reflexes and dexterity, but what’s really interesting to me about Mind Construct is that you’ll actually be reconstructing visual memories that will paint a cohesive story. It’s not often games like this are story-based, and as added icing on the cake for fans of the original game, the story in Mind Construct will actually tell the tale of why you’re trying to make an escape in Force Escape. That’s pretty cool if you ask me! And like Force Escape, Mind Construct will be free with ads and an optional one-time IAP to remove them, so there will be no reason not to give this one a shot when it launches at some point next month.

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