Snowy wallpaper illustrations for iPhone

Snow wallpapers for iPhone

As we enter the Winter months, I can’t help but add snow wallpaper to my iPhone. Illustrations are one of the more popular categories on the iDB Wallpapers of the Week gallery. Combining these two, we have a great pack of ten snowy illustrated wallpapers with some great scenes and color variation. From blues to rich purples, bright days and cold snowy nights, there is something here for everyone.

Snowy illustrations wallpaper

The collection is created by @ongliong11, who regularly tweets new images, also keeps a back log of all wallpapers via an online gallery. You can also submit your wallpaper tips to me or just follow along for mid-week downloads @jim_gresham!

Below is a set of ten snow iPhone wallpapers and a subsequent link to last week’s similarly themed images.

snowy mountain background iphone wallpaper

Download: iPhone

snow mountain purple iphone wallpaper

Download: iPhone

snowy church winter backbroung

Download: iPhone

purple mountains pine trees wallpaper

Download: iPhone

mountain house hut wallpaper

Download: iPhone

icy water mountain iphone wallpaper

Download: iPhone

snow mountaints white background

Download: iPhone

snow covered iphone wallpaper

Download: iPhone

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