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Out Now: ‘Bushido Bear’, ‘Caterzillar’, ‘Leap Day’, ‘Elsword: Evolution’, ‘Puzzlepops!’, ‘Basketball Clicker’, ‘Final Friday’, ‘Smash Fu’, ‘Ninja Madness’, ‘Sloomy’ and More

It's once again the time of week when a ton of new iOS games hit the App Store. As much as I'd love to talk in depth about each and every one of the games on the list below, I also have a giant plate of dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets sitting in front of me, and

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SpaceX’s Dragon returns to Earth brimming with microgravity research samples

A robotic arm prepares Dragon for departure from the ISS

April 8, 2016 was an important day for space exploration. Not only did SpaceX finally manage to land a Falcon 9 rocket on a barge ship in the ocean, it also welcomed back into service its Dragon spacecraft after a previous flight had ended in a ball of fire. Today, the Dragon completed its round trip to the International Space Station, splashing down in the Pacific Ocean with more than a tonne of valuable scientific samples in tow.

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Thought-reading headset lets users speak their mind

The Emotiv EEG headset and a companion app combine to turn thoughts into speech

By combining a wireless connected EEG headset from Emotiv and an assistive communication app, California-based Smartstones is bringing the power of speech to those who have difficulty communicating verbally. The "think to speak" technology works by reading the brainwaves of the user and expressing them as phrases spoken through the app.

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Watch Cibele creator Nina Freeman build a stage in Super Mario Maker

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Nina Freeman has had quite a year. After joining Gone Home developer The Fullbright Company in 2015 as a level designer to work on their upcoming game Tacoma, she also released Cibele, her semi-autobiographical game about a girl who meets a young man in an online role-playing game. In January, Freeman was named as part of Forbes' annual 30 Under 30 in Games list.

We caught up with Freeman during this year's Game Developers Conference, where Cibele won the Independent Game Festival Nuovo Award, and asked her to create a Super Mario Maker stage for our Devs Make Mario series. The resulting stage is called "Mario & Boo's Mall Date," a level she says is partially inspired by a M...


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Plans to bring Eric, the UK’s first walking, talking robot, back to life

The London's Science Museum is rebuilding a much-loved robot that traveled the world back in 1928, ...

Back in 1928, a robot that could speak and move around was pretty impressive, so it's no surprise that Eric the aluminum-clad automaton was a sensation when he did just that in front of crowds across Europe and the United States. However, just as suddenly as Eric the robot shuffled onto the world stage, he disappeared. Now the British Science Museum is looking to rebuild Eric for new generations to enjoy, using information contained in original photographs and drawings.

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Your old iPod could net you up to $20,000

Old iPods have apparently become the latest craze in the world of collectables. As noted by The Guardian, various Apple-branded MP3 players from the early 2000s are going for insane prices on eBay right now, depending of course on the model and condition. For example, a factory-sealed third-generation iPod shuffle is listed on the auction site at $999.95, […]


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2016 Smartphone Comparison Guide

We compare eight of the top phones of 2016

Your process of buying a new phone doesn't always have to start and end with one or two brands. Sure, Samsung and Apple are the commercial leaders, along with making some of the best phones out there, but our Best Smartphone of 2016 pick so far comes from HTC, a company that doesn't even do much (if any?) TV advertising these days. No matter which phone you go with, make the best possible decision by starting with this latest installment of our biannual Smartphone Comparison Guide.

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Review: Hush smart earplugs put a waterfall in your ear

Hush earplugs come with a case that can recharge them three times

Earplugs are nothing new. They're found in the ears of workers on airport tarmacs, kids at concerts and in many a bedroom where one partner uses them to drown out the snoring of the other. But earplugs that use electronics to help drown out the world around are, in fact, a relatively new invention. A new pair of smart earplugs from Hush takes a novel approach to delivering peace through your ears. We recently got to try them out.

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A bike rack for cyclists who hate racks

The Tailfin is sleek and lightweight

Rear racks and panniers may indeed be useful, but they're also one of those things that many self-proclaimed "bike snobs" would never mount on their glorious two-wheeled work of art. So, what's a snob to do if they've got gear to haul? Well, they could always try the Tailfin. It's an aerodynamic carbon fiber rack/pannier combo, that wouldn't look out of place in the Tour de France.

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