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Stop spraying me with water, I like Fated: The Silent Oath just fine

I tend to avoid the log ride at amusement parks.

They're everywhere, and the gimmick is all the same: You sit down in a big, fake log that inches its way up a hill, and then you're wooshing down another hill. Your stomach starts to flip. Passengers scream in free fall. Back at ground level, a pool of water brings you to a halt while, from either side of your makeshift canoe, water shoots up in impossibly high arcs.  Mostly. There's never been a group who walked away unscathed. Water always finds its way inside to soak some riders.

Me? I know the gimmick, and I'd rather not be wet. So I tend to avoid the log ride.

You don't expect to get wet playing a video game, but that happened to me at PAX East 2016, which got me thinking about the...

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Scott Sight mask gives firefighters hands-free thermal vision

Scott Safety calls its Scott Sight the first in-mask thermal imaging system for firefighters

A fire is no place to be blind, but firefighters face that prospect every time they enter a smoke-filled building. Thermal imagers can improve the odds, but they're too often handheld and bulky, so Scott Safety has come up with the Scott Sight, a lightweight imaging system integrated into a breathing mask to provide individual firefighters with real-time thermal images.

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Friday the 13th: The Game gets new map based on iconic Jason hunting ground

Friday the 13th: The Game will include a very familiar killing ground when it hits later this year: The iconic Higgins Haven property featured in the third and fourth slasher flicks, the game developers announced at PAX East tonight.

The second playable map is based on the Crystal Lake shore, barn and two level house where the third Jason movie took place and that the fourth shows briefly.

The first video, which you can see above, also shows a new kill. The second video shown off during the panel, which you can see below, gave fans a look at the game's stealth mechanic, with players hiding in spots around Crystal Lake.

After the video showing off the stealth mechanic, the team talked about how they're experimenting with things like...

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CoolGames Inc: Ryu takes on Steve Urkel in Capcom vs. TGIF

Hey! I'm back from Tokyo and my sleep schedule is all sorts of broken, but that's not enough to stop the CoolGames Inc train from rolling into the station. On this week's episode, we explore games about becoming an millionaire overnight, protecting your parents from Willem Dafoe, an Outlast-style game about a man named "Kissy Pete," and an exploration of the American Broadcasting Company's now-defunct TGIF lineup.

Links to subscribe to CoolGames Inc in iTunes, via RSS, or using a direct MP3 download are all a click away, tucked inside the buttons below today's episode.

Theme song: "Social Science" by Maxo

Want your game idea to be featured on a future episode of CoolGames Inc? Tweet your best ideas at @CoolGamesInc,...

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Insect inspires floatation system for DJI Phantom

The WaterStrider lets DJI Phantom drones take off from and land on the water

Presently, if you want to land a consumer drone on the water, you're pretty much limited to buying one of the special amphibious models. That, or you could try a DIY approach such as fastening styrofoam pool noodles to the skids. If a new Kickstarter project succeeds, however, there will soon be a commercial floatation product available for the popular DJI Phantom series of quadcopters.

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