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Tron-inspired electric bike wheel chucks the hub

The GeoOrbital Wheel has a look that's definitely its own

Whether it's the Copenhagen Wheel, the FlyKly Smart Wheel or the Electron Wheel, there are now several choices of motorized front wheels that temporarily turn your regular bike into an e-bike. So, what does a new product have to do to stand out in this market? Well, it helps if has a radically different design than its competitors – and the GeoOrbital Wheel has just that.

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15 minutes of Dangerous Golf, a ridiculous golf game from the creators of Burnout

Earlier this year, brand-new indie studio Three Fields Entertainment announced their first game: Dangerous Golf, a silly physics-driven arcade game that wears the studio's origins on its sleeve. Despite the difference in vehicle — Dangerous Golf involves steering a golf ball, not a car — the game is in many ways a spiritual successor to the Crash mode found in Criterion's Burnout racing games, a series (and studio) created years ago by Three Fields' founding members.

Above, watch 15 minutes of PlayStation 4 gameplay from Dangerous Golf, featuring holes including a kitchen packed with dozens of dinner plates, a fancy dining room full...

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