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A fix for iTunes deleting users’ music without permission is coming early next week

Following multiple reports from disgruntled users that a glitch in iTunes is causing the software to inadvertently delete music from their personal library, an Apple spokesperson has acknowledged the issue in a statement issued to The Loop yesterday. The company is unsure as to what might be causing this issue and has not been able to reproduce […]


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Bultaco sends its electric “moto-bikes” to the streets

The Brinco R-E is the performance flagship of Bultaco's street lineup

Last year, Spanish motorcycle marque Bultaco rose from the ashes to present an all-new motorcyc ... er ... electric mountain bike. The 2,000-watt/37mph Brinco bike wasn't exactly the kind of "moto-bike" we imagine Bultaco fans were waiting for, but it was a pretty sweet ride in its own right. Bultaco still isn't ready to announce a legit production electric motorcycle like the Rapitan, but it's moving one step closer, bringing the Brinco off the dirt and onto the street.

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New hybrid system gives robot arms human-like grace and precision

The hybrid robot playing patty cake

Disney Research has come up with a glockenspiel-playing robot that can indulge in balloon toss ... when it isn't safely picking up fresh eggs. The telepresence robot uses a new type of hydrostatic transmission that combines hydraulic and air lines to provide more degrees of freedom, as well as greater precision and delicacy of touch in a lighter, simpler design.

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Doom: Impressions on the first half of the campaign

It's not a guarantee that a game will be bad when reviewers don't get it early — Blizzard notoriously doesn't send out review copies of its games in advance, for example — but it's usually a bad sign. With that in mind, I'm just going to say it: I don't know why Bethesda didn't want reviewers playing the new Doom early, because about halfway through, it's really not bad at all. In fact, it's occasionally pretty good, at least so far.

Doom is very violent, in case you weren't aware. It's all kinetic shooting with very graphic kills that have blessedly been toned down somewhat from their original gruesome debut at last year's E3. The so-called "Glory Kills" — a fancy name for melee executions available when an enemy takes enough damage —...

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