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No Man’s Sky PC mod brings ships closer to the ground — and underwater

No Man’s Sky players on Windows PC have found their new favorite mod, according to the game’s Reddit community: LowFlight, a free download that gives starships a greater range of movement, including the ability to travel underwater. Watch the mod in action above for a sense of just how liberating these seemingly small tweaks can make the game.

LowFlight developer Hytek advertises three major parts of the mod: It lets starships get low to the ground and go underwater, as well as allowing pilots to look in any direction while in the cockpit. These are all much unlike the base No Man’s Sky, where the starship is forced to land when it drops below a certain altitude; flying underwater is completely out of bounds too.

There are still some caveats to LowFlight. Ships continue to take damage if they crash into terrain, so players are advised not to get too close. Other than that, though, the No Man’s Sky subreddit is already hailing LowFlight as a major game-changer for the indie blockbuster, which suffered a troubled launch on PC.

Developer Hello Games has already worked to improve the game on both PC and PlayStation 4, and more features will come to the game in the future. Perhaps the features of LowFlight will one day be incorporated into the main game on both platforms; early concept art pointed to ships appearing underwater, after all.

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