‘New Romance of the Three Kingdoms’ Coming November 26th, Two New Trailers Released

Back in September we learned that Koei Tecmo in partnership with BBGame would be bringing their mid-2000s hit strategy game Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI to iOS and Android as New Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Not just a straight port, hence the slight name adjustment, New Romance of the Three Kingdoms would adapt the original game and tailor it for mobile play. While any sort of meaningful look at the game was scarce at the time of its original announcement, the developers have just released two gameplay teasers for New Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and while they’re brief they do indeed show bits of the game in action.

Perhaps even more exciting than new gameplay trailers is that we finally have a release date for New Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and it’ll be arriving on both iOS and Android later this month on November 26th. Of course, in its transition to a mobile game, this will unsurprisingly be free to play and as is typical fashion for these sorts of releases you can net yourself some bonuses and such when the game fully releases by heading over to the pre-registration site and pre-registering for the game. While I’m not a huge Romance of the Three Kingdoms fan personally, I do recognize what a popular franchise it has been for the past three decades, so I’ll be very curious to see how this mobile version turns out when New Romance of the Three Kingdoms arrives later this month.

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