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‘Lifeline: Crisis Line’ is the Next ‘Lifeline’ Game, Soft Launched on Android [Update: And iOS Too]

The fifth game in the popular Lifeline [$1.99] series of interactive text adventures has just soft launched on Google Play. Lifeline: Crisis Line has you working with homicide detective Alex Esposito, as you help him untangle the strange happenings around a murder case. Oh, and there’s magical crystals and a green-eyed woman that might have something to do with all of it. So yeah, this is no typical investigation. Check out one of the teasers:

But the mysteries extend from there. The app description mentions that it’s the next game in the “Green Series” – but what does that mean? The 3 Minute Games app icon is green, but no other indication of what the Green Series is given, and some Lifeline games on iOS have green icons and some do not. Does it have any reference to the creatures from the original Lifeline? Also, which countries have access to this game already, as Google Play doesn’t make it incredibly clear? Will we see it on iOS soon? This is a real mystery wrapped in an enigma.

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