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‘Independence Day Resurgence: Battle Heroes’ Launches Open Beta in Canada on iOS, Worldwide on Android

We’re just about a month away from the release of Independence Day Resurgence, a 20-years-later sequel to the blockbuster 1996 alien-invasion flick Independence Day, and while this new movie will be sans Will Smith it will have the obligitory mobile tie-in game launching alongside it. Zen Studios has partnered up with Fox to create Independence Day Resurgence: Battle Heroes, a game that “tasks players with building an armada of combat units to fight back the resurfacing alien threat in action-packed turn-based battles” according to Zen’s blog. Check out the trailer.

Based on that brief teaser, the visuals in Independence Day Resurgence: Battle Heroes are looking super on point. If you’re looking to get your hands on this one right away, there are actually a couple of ways to do that. First, it’s currently soft-launched in Canada, so if you have access to a Canadian iTunes account you can grab it with this link, and if you don’t have an account it’s pretty easy to make one. Second, if you own an Android device, Independence Day Resurgence: Battle Heroes is actually in open beta worldwide so you can sign up to become a tester for it right here.

For anyone not interested in joining the soft-launch/beta period, Independence Day Resurgence: Battle Heroes will launch worldwide on June 9th, and Independence Day Resurgence the movie will hit theaters on June 24th. You can check out some early impressions and discussion on the game in our forums.

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