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How to find all lightsaber colors in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Journey the trail of a Padawan.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order options eight totally different lightsaber colours, however solely two are unlocked at the start. With a view to discover the remaining, you will have to work your method by means of a major chunk of the story first. They don’t seem to be missable and are associated to a narrative mission on the planet Ilum, which you can’t entry instantly. As soon as you may get to Ilum, although, discovering your kyber crystal is a breeze.

The place to seek out all lightsaber colours

Ilum is a playable location in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, nevertheless it’s a lot smaller than the opposite planets. In Star Wars lore, it is the situation the place Jedi younglings full a ceremony of passage to reap a kyber crystal for his or her lightsaber, changing into one step nearer to the rank of Padawan. You will want to finish a majority of the sport on Kashyyyk and Dathomir earlier than you may go to it.

Aside from some platforming and enormous puzzles, you will solely encounter a number of Imperial probe droids in your path to the kyber crystal. As a result of it’s a smaller location than the remaining, the trail is pretty simple, and there aren’t a variety of locations to get misplaced. When you acquire the krystal, you’ll choose which shade you wish to use. Regardless of which you choose, the remainder of the colours will routinely unlock when you go to a workbench once more to tinker along with your lightsaber.

You will discover after you full this mission that you’ve solely unlocked 7/eight colours. That is as a result of orange was an unique pre-order bonus, and isn’t attainable within the recreation by common means. It is unclear whether or not or not Respawn will add it in free for all gamers someday later down the road.

Lightsaber colours:

  • Blue
  • Inexperienced
  • Magenta
  • Purple
  • Yellow
  • Cyan
  • Indigo
  • Orange

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The Jedi temple awaits

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order places gamers into the sneakers of a Padawan on the run from the Empire after Order 66 devastated the Jedi Order. Journey to Ilum and get your very personal Kyber crystal in a number of colours.

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