First Major ‘Breakout Ninja’ Update Releases on February 9th

After the word that Breakout Ninja [Free] was a breakout hit (the crowd boos loudly), there was word of new content set to hit the game. Well, good news: that content will release on February 9th, and we have the details and footage of the new stuff coming your way in this fun high-score chaser. The big thing is the addition of four new infinite levels to really mix up the everyday experience with the game.

For progression fans, there’s four three-stars levels, four hard, four very hard, and 3 insanely hard levels, according to Part Time Monkey. Plus, iMessage stickers and some various tweaks and bug fixes are inbound to make the game feel better. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy some good sticker action? Check out this update when it rolls out on Thursday, February 9th.

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