Find and eliminate duplicate files with this simple app

We’ve foolishly come to accept that living with duplicate files is just part of life, but that need not be the case. These pesky doubles make it difficult to organize albums, needlessly take up space on our hard drives, and diminish processing power—and Gemini 2 for Mac wipes them all out for $12.99.

Easily installed and simple to use, this powerful app quickly finds and eliminates duplicate files and photos on your Mac—freeing up hard drive space and taking some of the strain off your CPU. It dives into the most remote and difficult-to-find corners of your computer and learns to delete only what you truly want to eliminate. Gemini 2 even lets you bring files back from the trash with a single click in the event that you remove the wrong batch of shots.

Declutter your computer and make photo organization easier with Gemini 2 for Mac—on sale for over 30% off at just $12.99.

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