Check out the gorgeous new Apple TV Aerial screen saver scene: Los Angeles skyline at night

Apple TV’s Aerial screen saver now includes a new nighttime scene of the Los Angeles skyline.

The fresh new birds-eye video of the City of Angels at night is available in 4K on Apple TV 4K.

On the fourth-generation Apple TV, the screen saver is limited to the 1080p resolution. Although Apple has yet to add a crisp 4K version for each and every piece of footage delivered through the Aerial screen saver, several scenes are now provided in both 1080p and H.265-encoded 4K variant, including Greenland, Hong Kong, Lisa and Dubai.

Check out the scene in the video embedded below.

For those wondering, Aerial works on both the fourth-generation Apple TV and Apple TV 4K.

The Aerial screen saver randomly chooses drone footage to play via the file list maintained on Apple’s server. To set your Apple TV screen saver, go to Settings → General → Screensaver.

By default, the Aerial screen saver downloads one new video per day (each file can be up to 650 MB in size), but you can set it to cache a random video on a weekly or monthly basis, if you’d like.

Apple last updated the Aerial screen saver in December 2016 with 21 new drone videos, each of which is embedded for your viewing pleasure in our article.

How do you like the new nighttime scene of Los Angeles? Speaking of which, do you use the Aerial screen saver on your Apple TV? If not, what’s your favorite?

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Thanks, Carlos!

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