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Of Klang, Mr. Data’s blurry fingers and the guy who ran my high school media center

I didn't become a computer nerd until I was in high school. Bizarre as this may sound, I didn't grow up with a computer at home — and neither did most of the people I knew. In high school, though, I became a full-blown geek.

That impressed the adults in my life, but it didn't feel like anything special to me. My ability to click things quickly on a Mac in 1996 was a gift, I figured, and I couldn't very well brag about a gift, even if I wanted to. I just had an affinity for noodling, and I knew enough to know how much I didn't know. Still, what I could do looked like magic to adults like Mr. Mitchell who ran my high school Media Center. Sometimes stood over my shoulder smiling as I noodled, and that made me feel good.

I never knew what...

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