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‘Heroes of Loot 2’ Review – This Dungeon’s Too Messy

Orangepixel's previous game, Space Grunts [$3.99] was basically a fast-paced, roguelike-inspired, action game that just so happened to be turn-based. Heroes of Loot 2 [$3.99] instead is that fast-action game that Space Grunts coult have been in an alternate universe. This Gauntlet-esque dungeon shooter eschews the item system for some new tricks, such as a

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3D printing heart parts at 30,000 feet

While the bioprinter stayed attached to the zero-gravity-simulating plane as it worked, the same can't be ...

If you live anywhere near the Gulf of Mexico, earlier this month, while you were sipping your coffee or surfing the web, a plane was zooming 30,000 feet overhead, simulating weightlessness while a 3D bioprinter spit out heart and vascular structures created with human stem cells. The project was a joint effort between several companies experimenting with bioprinting in zero gravity environments – an initiative that could one day lead to better and more plentiful human organs.

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‘Star Crew’ is a Clever Color-Based Shooter from the Makers of ‘Motor World: Car Factory’ and ‘Monster & Commander’

Oh BiBi Socialtainment, makers of the popular casual sim Motor World: Car Factory [Free] and the monster collecting/battling game Monster & Commander [Free], have just unveiled their latest upcoming mobile project, a vertical shooter called Star Crew. What stuck out to me about Star Crew is its color mechanic which has you picking a team

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Deal: Alto’s Adventure goes 75 percent off in summer sale

There’s no need to despair in case you missed developer Snowman’s two-day sale on Alto’s Adventure last month, which discounted this award-winning endless snowboarding odyssey by a cool 66 percent, because another Alto’s Adventure sale has just gone into effect.... Read the rest of this post here "Deal: Alto’s Adventure goes 75 percent off in summer sale" […]


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Would you buy a car programmed to kill you for the greater good?

A series of online surveys has uncovered an ethical dilemma that might slow the adoption of ...

Should a self-driving car kill its passengers for the greater good – for instance, by swerving into a wall to avoid hitting a large number of pedestrians? Surveys of nearly 2,000 US residents revealed that, while we strongly agree that autonomous vehicles should strive to save as many lives as possible, we are not willing to buy such a car for ourselves, preferring instead one that tries to preserve the lives of its passengers at all costs.

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