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Layer of strange “dark hydrogen” believed to exist on Jupiter-like planets

It's been believed that gas giants like Saturn and Jupiter have two types of hydrogen in ...

As the most abundant element around and the basis for a full three-quarters the mass of the universe, you'd think scientists would have uncovered all there is to know about hydrogen. Apparently, they haven't, as researchers at the Carnegie Institution for Science have just produced a third version of the element in a lab, that they believe is found on gas giant planets like Jupiter and Saturn. They're calling it dark hydrogen.

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No-contact bike trainer enlists the eddies

The STAC Zero is claimed to be the world's quietest trainer

Whether they use fluid, fans or magnets to create resistance, all stationary bicycle trainers require users to place the bike's rear tire in contact with a roller. This wears the tire down quickly, and creates a lot of noise in the process. Canada's STAC Performance is out to change that. Its STAC Zero trainer leaves the tire untouched, keeping its rubber intact and the noise level down.

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Umbrella Corps review

Umbrella Corps is the last gasp of a disastrous era in Resident Evil history. At least I hope it is.

There was once a time when every Resident Evil release was trumpeted as a BIG DEAL. The games would be announced years in advance and fans would pore over every trailer like it was the Zapruder film. But starting with Resident Evil 5, the franchise began to take a turn. Rather than the slow, scary games of yore, Resident Evil became all about firepower and body counts. The games got faster...

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Apple’s free app of the week: Give it Up! 2

Apple on Thursday updated its App of the Week promotion with Give It Up! 2. This means that for the next 7 days, you’ll be able to download the popular rhythm-based platformer for free for both iPhone and iPad, saving yourself a buck. As the title suggests, this is the sequel to the hit game […]


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‘Heroes of Loot 2’ Review – This Dungeon’s Too Messy

Orangepixel's previous game, Space Grunts [$3.99] was basically a fast-paced, roguelike-inspired, action game that just so happened to be turn-based. Heroes of Loot 2 [$3.99] instead is that fast-action game that Space Grunts coult have been in an alternate universe. This Gauntlet-esque dungeon shooter eschews the item system for some new tricks, such as a

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3D printing heart parts at 30,000 feet

While the bioprinter stayed attached to the zero-gravity-simulating plane as it worked, the same can't be ...

If you live anywhere near the Gulf of Mexico, earlier this month, while you were sipping your coffee or surfing the web, a plane was zooming 30,000 feet overhead, simulating weightlessness while a 3D bioprinter spit out heart and vascular structures created with human stem cells. The project was a joint effort between several companies experimenting with bioprinting in zero gravity environments – an initiative that could one day lead to better and more plentiful human organs.

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