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WSJ: iPhone 7 storage options will start at 32GB

The storage options for the iPhone 7 will feature a higher starting point, reports The Wall Street Journal. Citing a person familiar with Apple’s plans, the outlet says that instead of 16GB, the entry level model will come with 32GB of storage. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard this is going to happen with […]


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Stunning drone-snapped photos get high honors

A caravan of camels casting long shadows across Cable Beach in Western Australia, the second-place winner ...

It used to be that if you wanted to take a photo from up high, you either had to come up with clever ways to harness and hoist your camera, or you had to climb to knee-wobbling heights yourself. Thanks to the marriage of drones and cameras, it's now possible to get astounding high-flying shots with a few jiggles of a joystick. Drone photography site Dronestagram provides a forum for his particular form of photo making and it's just announced the eye-popping winners of its third International Drone Photography Contest. Gizmag has a look at the shots that soared into the highest spots.

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Two-dollar testing device detects Zika quickly

The cartridge used in the device uses an assay that only requires a single temperature for ...

Concerns about the Zika virus seem to be spreading just as fast as the disease, but a new portable device could provide an accurate way to find and diagnose the disease at an extremely low cost. Scientists and engineers at the University of Pennsylvania have invented a new electricity-free test made from inexpensive materials, that could offer a reliable diagnosis in a short amount of time.

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