At home in 2027: How we’ll be living in the future

Technology will feature increasingly in our lives, and will be smarter than ever. Already we’re moving from touchable devices to voice-activated ones and, in 10 years, intuitive devices that do the thinking for us will be the norm. With access to your diary and emails, your phone already knows more about you than just about anyone else, and soon it will be able to make predictions about you based on your movements then tailor your home to suit.

You’ll walk through the door and your home will automatically create a customised environment to suit your needs, including setting the perfect temperature, opening the blinds and suggesting what to have for dinner based on what’s in the fridge. This sort of technology has already begun to enter our lives with the arrival of Google Home and apps such as Nest, which can recognise when you’re 10 minutes’ from home, then switch on the kettle and open the garage door.

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