App-controlled, minicar-hauling camping trailer echoes the look of the Mercedes Sprinter towing it

During its run, Chinook produced various types of RVs, from truck campers, to trailers, to camper vans, moving to Washington State and soldiering onward through a variety of ownership and structural changes. Some highlights during that run included the bus-like Mobilodge Class As from the 1960s, the Toyota-Chinook pop-ups from the 1970s, the Chevy Blazer-based Chalet from that same era, a specially prepared Concourse camper that set a motorhome land speed record just under 100 mph (161 km/h) in 1998, and a ruggedized Baja 4×4 motorhome that went rallying in the middle of winter a couple years later. Chinook’s was quite a fascinating story, and the company’s “sports car of motorhomes” billing only added to the intrigue.

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