Access more than a million books, magazines, and audiobooks with a subscription to Scribd

It’s hard to stay informed and keep up with all the latest releases because books and publications are expensive. A new release, even in audiobook or eBook format, can cost more than $20 – and that adds up fast when you’re buying them every week. A Scribd subscription is the perfect way to satisfy your appetite for literature without breaking the bank.

Followed by more than 750,000 subscribers, Scribd is the only subscription service with books and audiobooks from all of the global “BIG 5” publishers. That means that as a subscriber, you can access a myriad of books, audiobooks, newspapers, and magazines every month (you can even get sheet music, for the music aficionados out there). Scribd allows you to access your content via web browser and mobile app, so you can read wherever you go. In addition to books, you also get curated reading lists for inspiration and a personalized library.

If you love to read but don’t want to spend a ton of money, you need a subscription to Scribd. Normally, a 1-year subscription costs $107.88, but readers can get a 21% discount and get it for just $85 today. Six-month subscriptions are also on sale for only $45.

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