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Video walkthrough: everything fixed in watchOS 3 beta 3

Our iOS 10 Preview series detailed more than two dozen new features and refinements spotted in iOS 10 beta 3, which was seeded to Apple’s registered developers yesterday. Today, we take a closer look at a dozen or so fixes that were added in the third beta of watchOS 3 (build number “14S5290d”), resolving various issues with Apple Watch features […]


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Signia Pure primax hearing aid: “Audio radar” that zeroes in on what you want to hear

We used these high-tech hearing aids for a couple of months – here's what we learned

A while back, we agreed to take the new Signia primax hearing aids for a spin. The company (Signia is a brand of parent company Sivantos Group, which itself was spun out of Siemens Audiology Solutions) was promising some cool new tech inside the medical devices, and as someone who occasionally leans forward and utters the odd "huh?" and "what's that?" in public places, I thought I might be a good candidate. What we discovered, in addition to a noticeable drop in mental strain while wearing them, is that hearing aids present some big challenges for a reviewer. So read on for what our extended hands-on impressions, minus the context with competing devices that we'd usually include in a review.

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Kepler takes in a haul of over 100 exoplanets

Artists impression of the Kepler Space Telescope observing exoplanets as they pass across the face of ...

Using data collected by the Kepler Space Telescope alongside a number of Earth-bound observatories, an international team of astronomers has confirmed the existence of over a hundred previously unknown exoplanets discovered in the direction of the Aquarius constellation. Among the throng of newly discovered worlds, two potentially habitable exoplanets have been identified orbiting a distant dwarf star.

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