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Watch 24 minutes of frantic first-person platforming in Clustertruck

Clustertruck is a fast-paced, frantic first-person platformer from three-man Swedish game developer Landfall Games. Recently, we spent some hands-on time with an early demo of the game, and came away super impressed — both by the tight, responsive controls and staggering level variety on display.

Above, watch over 24 minutes of hands-on gameplay from Clustertruck, which developer Landfall Games expects to have 80 levels at launch, including a level editor and Steam Workshop integration for adding more community-made levels. Clustertruck is due for release on Windows, Mac and Linux this fall.

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Video walkthrough: everything new in iOS 10 beta 3

Apple this morning released a third beta of iOS 10 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The latest build is available right now to developers registered with Apple Developer Program and public beta testers signed on Apple Beta Software Program. Like prior iOS 10 beta releases, beta 3 packs in about a dozen or so tweaks, refinements and […]


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OCD treatment works within minutes – on mice

The treatment eliminated OCD-like behaviour in lab mice within minutes, as opposed to the weeks required ...

Although obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is sometimes treatable with medication, it typically takes weeks or even months before there's any noticeable difference. If new research being conducted at North Carolina's Duke University is anything to go by, however, a much faster-acting treatment may be on its way.

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‘Big Bang Racing’ is a Side-Scrolling Physics Racer with a Level Editor that’s Launching Worldwide July 28th

Way back in January of last year, developer Traplight Games announced their mobile game project, a side-scrolling physics racer called What On Earth! where its standout feature was a touchscreen-optimized level editor which would allow the entire game to be based around user-generated content. After beta testing the game for most of 2015, What On

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Smart sutures send wireless status reports from wound sites

A diagram showing how the smart sutures work

Flexible electronics that work with the body have been advancing quickly, doing everything from measuring our blood oxygen levels through our skin to monitoring our muscles using a tattoo. Now, a team of researchers from Tufts University has taken flexible electronics to their next logical step, embedding them in sutures that can monitor the body from the site of the stitching and broadcast their findings to a Bluetooth-enabled device.

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